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 Subject : Re:Looking for a roommate.. 03/06/2017 03:03:19 PM 
Shongshan Fan
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I am looking for hotel room to share during Mar 18-22. I didn't reserve the hotel. If you already have (or don't have) a room and are willing to share. Please email me at [email protected].
 Subject : Re:Re:Looking for a roommate.. 01/30/2017 04:56:41 PM 
Brenda A. Frederick
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ORS rooms available at the Sofia Hotel and the Hilton Bayfront Hotel (ORS headquarter hotel). By sharing a room at either hotel you will substantially save on your housing costs. Rooms are running out - so be sure to book your hotel today!
 Subject : Re:Looking for a roommate.. 01/18/2017 03:57:29 AM 
Gift Ukwuani
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Hi I am looking to share a room too for those dates. Do you already have reservation at a hotel?
My email is [email protected]
 Subject : Looking for a roommate.. 01/10/2017 04:23:44 PM 
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Hello, My name is Shady Elmasry. I am a PhD student at the University of Miami and I am looking for a person to share a hotel room with at ORS from March 19 to 22. If you are interested please let me know.

You can email me at [email protected]
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