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For 64 years, the ORS has been the home for those with a passion for musculoskeletal research. Engineers, biologists, orthopaedic surgeons, residents, fellows, students, clinicians, veterinarians, research administrators and many more from across the globe come together and help us to advance our mission to advance musculoskeletal research worldwide.

We encourage you to take advantage of the many opportunities the ORS provides: to hear the latest research advances and discoveries made by our colleagues, learn about the latest technology advances in the field, participate in career development programs, and network and have fun with fellow colleagues.  

What does ORS do for our members?

  • Offers high-quality conferences and journals for the dissemination of orthopaedic research
  • Serves as a worldwide forum to collaborate and network
  • Provides professional development opportunities to learn how to get funded, published, and promoted
  • Provides funding opportunities for research and career development
  • Provides opportunities for leadership and professional service
  • Partners with like-minded organizations to provide synergistic opportunities for advancing orthopaedic research

*New ORS Active and Affiliate member applicants are subject to prorated dues quarterly. They will be up to renew at the appropriate member dues upon renewal for the next year.

ORS Member Disclaimer
ORS membership applications are accepted year round by the ORS Membership Committee. ORS has the right to not accept a membership application or change to the appropriate membership type if they do not fit the outlined criteria. ORS membership types are defined by the ORS Board of Directors and the ORS Bylaws.

New Membership Application Status
Your application will be currently put into pending status. Following your membership application will be reviewed and approved to active status within 2 weeks upon successful payment of membership. A receipt of your payment will be sent to the email associated with your membership record. If you have not yet paid your membership dues to join, you will receive an invoice notification to your email address once your dues payment is processed.

Connect with ORS at or (847) 823-5770.

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