ORS Member and Non-Member FAQs

What is the ORS Member Center?
The ORS Member Center is the home of ORS Member Profiles, Directory, and Member Forums for ORS members and non-members. This site will serve as the home for our Section communities, Research Interest Groups, Committees and more! Our goal is to create a user-friendly site that will allow you to access your member only content easily and all in one place!

How do I pay my membership dues?
There are a variety of options to pay membership dues such as,

  • Renew online by credit card. Please login to complete the membership renewal form
  • Through the automated notification sent to your email address will include a link at the bottom to access your invoice directly. A copy of the invoice is attached for your records. 
  • Login in the ORS Member Center to access your profile and open invoice(s) for membership dues. 
  • Wire transfer. Please contact the ORS office at [email protected] for more information.
  • Please remit the attached dues invoice and checks made payable to Orthopaedic Research Society and sent to:

    Orthopaedic Research Society
    6640 Eagle Way   
    Chicago, Illinois 60678-1066

I forgot my ORS login information (username/password).
Not sure of your login information? You can retrieve your username and reset your password.

If this is your first time logging into the ORS Member Center, you will have to reset your password. A link and directions on how to reset your password will be sent to your email address (your default username) associated with your ORS account.

I tried to login and after multiple tries, I have been locked out of my account.
If you have been locked out of your account, please wait approximately 1 hour (60 minutes) for the system to refresh and unlock your account. If you are still having trouble logging in, please contact ORS as soon as possible to unlock your account.

Where can I find current volunteer opportunities of how to get involved with ORS?
Visit the ORS website www.ors.org to see all current opportunities of how to get involved with ORS. 

What are my ORS membership benefits?
Visit the ORS website www.ors.org to learn more about membership categories and benefits.

How do I access my open or paid invoices?
Looking to access a paid invoice for your records or pay your dues? Once you are logged in, you can access your ORS invoices, select My Profile and then Invoices. Please note you will receive an email notification when a new invoice has been created such as membership dues renewal or Annual Meeting registration. You will also receive a copy of your paid invoice in an payment confirmation email following successful completion of payment of an invoice. 

ORS Accepted Credit Cards for Payment
ORS accepts only VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover for online payments. 

What if my ORS membership has lapsed?
If your ORS membership has lapsed, please login as an existing user. If you are reinstating or joining ORS for the first time, please enter your email address to begin the application process as a new user. If you still are having issues with logging in, please contact ORS regarding your membership status.

Where can I locate my ORS Member ID#, member type, username, or expiration date?
Select My Profile. Underneath your photo, status, and wall section, you will find your profile information. For example, you will find your ORS member id#, membership expiration date, member type, and more!

How do I access My ORS Community?
Underneath "Hello My Name Is", select My Community in the Member Menu. My Community will display the latest Circles, member updates, and more! You can access the circles communities from this page. 

What is a Online Member Community (circles)?
Circles are user-created member networks.  ORS members can create their own circles for special interests such as Sections, Women's Leadership Forum, New Investigators, and more! To reach the Circles, please select My Community and then select the drop down mean under My Features. Select Circles. Here is a example of how to join a circle

How do I access the Journal of Orthopaedic Research® (JOR) through my profile?
Only current ORS Active, Affiliate, and Associate Members will have access to the Journal of Orthopaedic Research (JOR) and can access the journal once logged into the ORS Member Center. This link will be valid for five minutes. If you're unable to access the journal, refresh this page to generate a new link. Under Quick Links, please select Access JOR.

I am not a member of ORS, but I would like to join and become part of the ORS research community.
Please visit the Join the ORS web page for more information on membership types and benefits. To join ORS you will start the application as a new user by entering your email address to create a profile. 

What is an ORS Research Section?
A section is a small, intimate community of like-minded peers that promote the common interest of ORS members in a specific area of research related to orthopaedics and the musculoskeletal system. 

Each ORS Section is diverse and unique in different areas of musculoskeletal research.

Why should I join a section?

  • Communicate and interact with fellow ORS Section members through newsletters, the Section website, social media outlets, online Section Member only community forums, section related events/programs, and the annual ORS Section Scientific Meeting at the ORS Annual Meeting
  • Networking opportunities with fellow colleagues within a similar special interest area and research community
  • Professional development opportunities through ORS Section related programs
  • Keep up to date with new developments in research in that specific ORS Section
  • Participating in an ORS Section is a great way to become involved in the ORS


Find out more on why join and list of current ORS Sections

What is the ORS Member Center - Member Menu?
The ORS Member Center Member Menu is home to your invoices, renewing your membership, your membership profile, member directory, Section Resources, accessing the ORS community forums (Discussion Groups & Circles). 

I have finished my training or graduated. I am no longer a student/trainee. How do I change my membership from a Student/Trainee Member (Associate) to a Member?
Congratulations on the completion of your training and taking the next step in your career! To change your membership to an Active Member (established investigator) from a Student/Trainee Member (Associate) requires a few simple steps. 

If you are a Student/Trainee Member (Associate) and recently completed your training program, please login to change your membership to a Member!

Member Prorated Dues Schedule
Only new Active and Affiliate members shall be eligible for the prorated dues depending on when they join throughout the current membership year. Upon up for renewal, members shall pay $240.00 when invoices and notifications are sent out October 1 as start of the new membership year.

October 1 - March 31
April 1 - June 30
July 1 - September 30

I’ve just completed a membership application or section application, but my membership is still not active?
The ORS will not approve any application until payment has been received in full for the membership. Upon receiving payment, your application will be reviewed and approved within 7-10 business days.



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