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Join us in New Orleans, March 9 for PRe-ORS and March 10 – 13 for the ORS 2018 Annual MeetingThe ORS Annual Meeting is the leading forum for the presentation of high-quality, innovative and transformative research. For more details, please visit the Annual Meeting Registration page. 

NEW!  ORS members will have the option to renew their 2018 ORS membership or you can join the ORS when you register for the ORS 2018 Annual Meeting. This option is only available during Early Bird Registration, which closes on Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at 11:59 PM (CT). 

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ORS and ORS Research Section 2018 membership dues invoices and notifications will be sent out November 1. Please contact the ORS office at or (847) 823-5770 if you have questions.