Welcome New Members!

ORS would like to welcome new members who joined in August 2019:

Bijan M. Abar, from Duke University
Parker K. Acevedo, BS from University of Michigan
Cecily Adler, from Rhode Island Hospital and Brown University
Ashley B. Anderson, MD, from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
Benjamin  Andress, from Duke University
Alexandra R. Armstrong, DVM, DACVP, from University of Minnesota
Varun Arvind, from Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Penny Atkins, PhD, from  ETH Zurich
Babatunde A. Ayodele, DVM, PhD, from University of Melbourne
Lauren Baker, from University of Wisconsin-Madison
Zhengyuan Bao, from Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Ellis M. Berns, MD Candidate, from Brown University
Zachary L. Bernstein, BS, from Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital
Neharika  Bhadouria, PhD Student, from Purdue University-West Lafayette
Emily E. Binversie, DVM, MS, from School of Veterinary Medicine, WI
Alyssa Bird, from UC San Francisco
Emily L. Bishop, PhD, from University of Calgary
Alicia L. Black, BSc, from University of Guelph
Alex W. Brady, MS, from Steadman Philippon Research Institute
Ava A. Brozovich, MPH, from Texas A&M College of Medicine and Houston Methodist Research Institute
Christian H. Bucher, from Charité- Universitӓtsmedizin Berlin
Hosni Cherif, from The Orthopaedic Research Laboratory - McGill University
Sade Williams Clayton, from University of Alabama at Birmingham
Megan Co, from The Ohio State University
Ushashi Dadwal, PhD, from Indiana University School of Medicine
Bijan Dehghani, from Albany Medical College
Elena Della Bella, from AO Research Institute Davos
Zachary W. DeVries, BSc, from The University of Ottawa
Theodor Di Pauli von Treuheim, BEng, from Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Anxhela Docaj, from City College of New York
Justin Drager, MD, from Rush University Medical Center
Hayley E. Ennis, MD, from University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital
Soleille Everest, from Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine
Rayan Fairag, from McGill University
Fang Fang, from University of Nebraska Medical Center
Ayesha Firdous, from University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Daniella M. Fodera, BS, from Cornell University
Christopher J. R. Gallo, from Duke University
Kenneth T. Gao, from University of California, San Francisco
Tianyu Gao, from Cornell University
Amy Garner, PhD Candidate & Orthopaedic Resident, from Imperial College London
Krishnamurithy  Genasan, PhD, from University of Malaya
Qing Goh, PhD, from Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Mikhail Golman, MS, from Columbia University
Andrew V. Gomez, from University of California San Francisco
Brendan H. Grue, PhD Candidate, from Saint Mary's University
William W. Hahn, from University College Dublin
Mohamad Halawi, MD, from University of Connecticut Health Center
Christopher S. Harding, BS, from Eastern Washington University
Tom Hodgkinson, from Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland
Genevieve Housman, PhD, from University of Chicago
Stephanie Huber, from ETH Zurich
Eunjoo Hwang, MD, from University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Rivka Ihejirika-Lomedico, from NYU
Jason G. Ina, from University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center
Kevin Innella, from Rutgers New Jersey Medical School
Nikhil Jain, MD, from University of Virginia Health System
Florien Jenner, from Vetmeduni Vienna
Yongqiang Jin, from The University of Hong Kong
Kieran Joyce, PhD Candidate, from National University of Galway, Ireland
Elizabeth Kahle, from Drexel University
Timur Kamalitdinov, BS, from University of Pennsylvania
Yutaro Kanda, from Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine
Ryo Kanto, MD,from University of Pittsburgh
Kevin Kashanchi, from Stony Brook University School of Medicine
Domhnall C. Kelly, from Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI)
Hagar Kenawy, from Columbia University
Faes D. Kerkhof, PhD, from Stanford University
Tahsin N. Khan, DVM, from Stanford University School of Medicine
Hiroaki Kida, from Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine, Sapporo, Japan
Kenji Kitamura, from Japan
Molly Klimak, from Washington University, St. Louis
Kevin M. Koch, PhD Medical College of Wisconsin
Tori Kroon, from IUPUI
Shreedevi Kumar, MS, from University of Florida
Bradley S. Lambert, PhD, from Houston Methodist Hospital
Alexander L. Lazarides, MD, from Duke University Medical Center
Seunghwan Lee, from McGill University
Mark Lemoine, from Royal College Of Surgeons In Ireland
Rachel L. Lenhart, MD, PhD, from Medical College of Wisconsin Affiliated Hospitals
Lindsey K. Lepley, PhD, ATC, from University of Michigan
Li  Li, from McGill University
Chenshuang  Li, DDS, PhD, from UCLA
Meng Chen Michelle Li, from The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Zhen Chang Liang, MBBS, MRCS (Eng), DipSpMed, from National University Health System
Yihan Liao, from  Duke University
David J. Lillyman, from University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Rich J. Lisonbee, from University of Utah
Thomas Listopadzki, from Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Songyun  Liu, from Rush University Medical Center/University of Illinois at Chicago
Ryan Lohre, MD, from University of British Columbia
Connor P. Lough, from  University of Missouri, Columbia
Anne-Marie Malfait, MD, PhD, from Rush University Medical Center
Vikas Manjunath, from University of Illinois College of Medicine
David S. Margolis, MD, PhD, from University of Arizona
Luis Marrero, PhD, from LSU Health Sciences Center
Leonardo Martin-Alarcon, MSc, from University of Calgary
Jennifer McFaline-Figueroa, from The University of Georgia
Natalia D. McIver, from University of New Mexico
Andrew Miller, from University of Utah
Michael L. Moore, BS, from Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine
Laura K. Moore, MD, PhD, from UCSF
Andreas  Mueller-Immergluck, MEng, from UCSF
Maxwell J. Munford, from Imperial College London
Isha Mutreja, from University of Minnesota
Hideki Nakamoto, from The University of Tokyo
Satoshi Nakamura, from Keio University School of Medicine
Pavan Nayak, from University of California Irvine
Shuangfei Ni, from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Mark Ninomiya, from University of Rochester Medical Center
Kyohei Nishida, from University of Pittsburgh
Christopher D. Norberg, from University of Miami
Thomas Maria Willem Notermans, from Lund University
Priya Nyayapati, from Albany Medical College
Siyuan Pang, PhD Student, from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Robert L. Parisien, MD, from University of Pennsylvania
Na Rae Park, from University of Pennsylvania
Korey D. Partenheimer, DO, MS, from Midwestern University/Franciscan Health
Kevin C. Parvaresh, MD, from Rush University
Brandon Passano, from  Georgetown University
Anupama Prabhath, from UConn Health
Rohan Prakash, from University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire
Aoife M. R. Pucchio, from Western University
Mahir Qureshi, from Cooper Medical School of Rowan University
Sophie Rapagna, from Flinders University
Angelica L. Real, from Notre Dame De Chartres Hospital
Curran P. Reddy, from Texas A&M University
Sung-Min Rhee, from College of Medicine, Kyung Hee University
William D. Rieger, from University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Danielle R. Rinck, from St. Louis University School of Medicine
Koren Roach, from University of California, San Francisco
Danielle Rux, Postdoctoral Fellow, from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Nicole D. Rynecki, MD Candidate, from Rutgers New Jersey Medical School
Valerie S. Salazar, PhD, from Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research
Andrew J. Sama, BA, from University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
Candice M. Sears, PhD, from Houston Methodist Research Institute
Mohammad Sherafati, PhD, from Medical College of Wisconsin
Christian M. Shigley, from The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University
Kyohei Shiomoto, from Kyushu University
Jennifer Simkin, PhD, from Louisiana State University Health Science Center
Phillip Spanswick, from  University of Calgary
Julie E. Speer, MS, from Washington University, St. Louis
Samuel J. Stephen, from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Holly L. Stewart, from Colorado State University
Eun Sung Suh, from Hospital For Special Surgery
Anna Lia Sullivan, from University of Delaware
Tomomi Takebayashi, from Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Yoshiki Takeoka, from Brigham and Women's Hospital
Francesca Taraballi, from Houston Methodist Research Institute
Ennio Tasciotti, PhD, from Houston Methodist Research Institute
Nandaraj Taye, Postdoctoral, from Icahn School of Medicine
Dian A. Teguh, from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Caroline Thirukumaran, MBBS, MHA, PhD, from  University of Rochester Medical Center
Michael J. Troy, BS, from Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Maria Tsingas, from Thomas Jefferson University
Sebastian Vega, PhD, from Rowan University
Brandon Vorrius, BS, MS, from Brown University
Bowen Wang, from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Wenzheng Wang, from McKay Orthopaedic Research Laboratory
Linshanshan Wang, from University of California, San Francisco
Yuyan Wang, from Cornell University
Jingsong Wang, from Keele University
Yujia Wang, from The Chinese University
Ning Wang, from University of Pittsburgh
Shotaro Watanabe Chiba University
Kurt Weiss, MD, from University of Pittsburgh
Benjamin R. Wesorick, from Duke University
Mitchell Wheatley, from Queen's University
McKenzie S. White, MS, from University of Michigan
Daniel C. Whittingslow, from Emory University School of Medicine
Frankie E. Wignall, BSc, MRes, from University of Manchester
Mingsheng Xie, from Center for Cellular and Molecular Engineering
Liang Xu, from Hokkaido University
Ramakanth Yakkanti, MD, from  University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital
Tatsuya Yamamoto, from Keio University School of Medicine
Adam Yanke, MD, PhD, from Midwest Orthopedics at Rush, Rush University Medical Center
Lutian Yao, from University of Pennsylvania
Daniel Z. You, MD, from University of Calgary
Takuma Yuri, from Yamagata Prefectural University of Health Sciences, Yamagata, Japan
Chenghao Zhang, from University of Pennsylvania
Hao Zhang, from LSUHSC/SHUTCM
Hengwei Zhang, from University of Rochester
Changli Zhang, from Emory University
Jingyang Zheng, from Cornell University


Thank You ORS Members!

ORS would like to thank the following members for recommending a new member to join in August, 2019: 

Kurt Hankenson, DVM, PhD
Daniel Youngstrom, PhD
Andrea Alford, PhD
Benjamin Kyle Potter, MD
Amy McNulty, PhD
Richard Loeser, MD
Professor Chris Whitton
Peter Muir, BVSc, PhD, ACVS, FRCVS
Scott Tashman, PhD
Georg Duda
Rosa Serra, PhD
Benjamin Walter, PhD
Melissa Kacena, PhD
Miguel Otero, PhD
Olivia Torre, PhD
Alessandra Carriero, PhD
Lawrence Bonassar, PhD
Stavros Thomopoulos, PhD
Samuel P. Veres
Jason W. Ashley, PhD
Clare Rimnac, PhD
Sheldon Lin, MD
Catherine Bautista, ScM
Nadeen Chahine, PhD
Clark Hung, PhD
Stuart B. Goodman, MD, PhD
Hollis Potter, MD
Nilsson Holguin, PhD
Blanka Sharma, PhD
Shannon Brown
Laura S. Stone, PhD
Lisbet Haglund, PhD
Zhong Zheng, MD, PhD
Rebecca Wachs, PhD
Robin Pourzal, PhD
Danny P. Goel, PhD
Mathew Mathew, PhD
Christina Salas, PhD
Brian Feeley, MD
Jonathan Jeffers, PhD, CEng, FIMechE
Hongbin Lu, MD, PhD
William Anderst, PhD
Francesco Travascio, PhD
Kyu Sang Joeng, PhD
Nikolas K. Knowles, PhD
Sara McBride-Gagyi, PhD
Catherine Kuo, PhD
Kevin Koch, PhD
Vinod Dasa, MD
Deepak Vashishth, PhD
Ugur Ayturk, PhD
Megan Killian, PhD
Makarand Risbud, PhD
X. Sherry Liu, PhD
Heidi Reesink, VMD, PhD, DACVS-LA
Wayne Y. W. Lee, PhD
Hang Lin, PhD
Kurt Weiss, MD
Ling Qin, PhD
Prism Schneider, MD, PhD, FRCSC
Lachlan Smith
Svenja Illien-Junger, PhD

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