Welcome New Members

ORS would like to welcome new members who joined October 2017:

Polina R. Matre, PhD
The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Casey P. Johnson, PhD
University of Minnesota

Chris D. Daly, MBBS, MPhil
Monash University

Deepak Kumar, PT, PhD
Boston University

Natsuyo S. Lee
Collagen Matrix, Inc.

Kamil M. Amer, MD
Rutgers University Hospital

Tae Won B Kim, MD
Cooper University Hospital

Herman S. Johal, MD, MP, FRCSC, PhD(c)
McMaster University

Heather A. Richbourg, PhD
University of California, San Francisco

Liang Chen
Wayne State University

Scott Fernquest, BMBCh
University of Oxford

Amy L. Lenz PhD
University of Utah

Fernanda Delbuque
Guerra University of Memphis

Ang Li
Columbia University

Reyad Elbarbary, PharmD, PhD P
Penn State University College Of Medicine

Thank You ORS Members

ORS would like to thank the following members for recommending a new member to join in October 2017:
Andrew Anderson
Joan Bechtold
Johnny Huard
Fadia Kamal
Weiping Ren

Larry Suva









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