Welcome New Members

The ORS would like to welcome the following new members to the society who joined in June 2017:

Claire Acevedo                 
University of California San Francisco
Chike Cao, PhD
Duke University
Rene Castelein, PhD      
University Medical Center Utrecht
Denis Evseenko, MD, PhD           
University of Southern California
Rimpee Gill                         
Caribbean Medical University
Scott Guelcher, PhD      
Vanderbilt University
Michelle Hall, PhD           
University of Melbourne
Makenna Hardy                               
Boise State University
Tongmeng Jiang                              
Guangxi Medical University
Drew Lansdown, MD     
Rush University Medical Center
Anthony Le                        
Oregon State University
John Olson, PhD              
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Jonathon Reeck, PhD    
Boise State University
Andreas Seitz, PhD         
Ulm University Medical Center
Arjun Sinkemani                              
Southeast University School of Medicine
Lance Stechschulte, PhD              
University of Toledo
Sri Harsha Tella, MD        
National Institutes of Health
Nicholas Theilen,  MS    
University of Louisville School of Medicine
Mauricio Valdes, MD     
Hedley Orthopaedic Institute
Chaofan Zhang, MD        
University of Hong Kong

Thank You ORS Members

The ORS would like to thank the following members for recommending a new member to join in June 2017:

Lutz Duerselen, PhD
Ulm University
Julia Oxford, PhD
Boise State University
Brian D. Snyder, MD, PhD
Boston Children’s Hospital
Harrie Weinans, PhD
UMC Utrecht







Are you interested in becoming a member of the ORS research community?