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 Subject : Osteoarthritis Prevention Strategies.. 08/11/2015 09:30:13 AM 
Bailey McMurray
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The following Perspectives article by Constance R. Chu and Thomas P. Andriacchi has just been published in the JOR:

Dance between Biology, Mechanics and Structure: Systems-Based Approach to Developing Osteoarthritis Prevention Strategies

JOR Editor Linda J. Sandell has invited some thought leaders in the osteoarthritis field to comment on some of the concepts presented by Chu and Andriacchi regarding conceptualization, detection and treatment of “pre Osteoarthritis.” Questions arising from this work include:

• Can pre OA be detected or predicted?

• What is the role of biology, mechanics and structure in the development of diagnosed OA from early OA?

• Will there be individual differences (including genetics) or is it a “role of the dice” as the Slot Machine System implies?

• Can structure be restored after ACL tear?

• Do high heel shoes really lead to OA?
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